Awareness Conferences

All Fundación Canal's exhibitions are complemented with a series of conferences showcasing a relaxed chat with guests. This helps the public to delve into and increase their knowledge of each exhibition.


Fecha y hora: 08/07/2021 19:00h.

With the exhibition Léger. La búsqueda de un nuevo orden (Léger. In Search of a New Order), Fundación Canal is pleased to introduce the first public screening in Spain of a complete documentary that delves into Léger’s work and reveals the key artistic concepts in his career. The film visits...


Fecha y hora: 16/03/2021 18:30h.

Awareness Conferences have returned to Fundación Canal. On the occasion of the exhibition “Magnum. El cuerpo observado (Magnum. The Body Observed),” we will receive a visit from Isabel Muñoz, winner of the National Photography Award 2016, to explore portrayal of the human body, a central theme in her work, and its connection...

Are Videogames Art?

Fecha y hora: 27/02/2020 19:00h.

For the exhibition GAME ON. La historia del videojuego. 1972-2020 (GAME ON. The history of video games. 1972-2020).

Video games are generally considered to be the cultural industry with the greatest future possibilities. Its business figures exceed both film and music combined. More and more, the consensus is that it is...

Responsible Use Of Video Games

Fecha y hora: 30/01/2020 19:00h.

For many of us, video games are a part of our daily lives. Their proper use can be a great ally in educational, social, therapeutic, technological terms, etc.

However, if not used responsibly, they can lead to negative consequences in gamers.

For the exhibition “Game On,” Fundación Canal is pleased to invite...

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