For many of us, video games are a part of our daily lives. Their proper use can be a great ally in educational, social, therapeutic, technological terms, etc.

However, if not used responsibly, they can lead to negative consequences in gamers.

For the exhibition “Game On,” Fundación Canal is pleased to invite you to a conference that addresses this vitally important topic on the opportunities and risks associated with video games, with an especially high impact on children and youth.

The perspective of guest experts provides a diagnosis on the use of video games in Spanish society, the measures necessary to encourage responsible use, and the role that parents and educators must play.


Arantxa Bartolomé Tutor

Assistant Director General of Childhood and Adolescence of the Community of Madrid.

Elena Morán

Psychologist and researcher specialised in neurodevelopment, gamification and innovation.

José María Moreno

President of the Asociación Española de Videojuegos (Spanish Video Game Association).

Borja Vaz

Moderator. Professor of video game production and marketing at the Universidad Europea, video game critic, researcher in game studies and writer.


Date and time
30/01/2020 19:00h.