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In our desire to share how we manage our activities, we offer clear and accessible information in this section on our organisation and resources: what we use them for, how we use them, and the results.

Our mission

To improve knowledge opportunities for people through educational programmes and general-interest activities on the environment, innovation, art and culture, and to support Canal de Isabel II in teaching about the comprehensive water cycle and promoting research for more efficient and sustainable water use.

The Board is the highest entity of governance. It sets the basic lines of action for the Fundación and ensures compliance with its founding purposes. It meets at least twice per year and takes its decisions by majority of present and proxy votes; in the event of a tie, the president’s vote is a tie-breaker.

The founding bylaws festablish regulations for its composition, organisation and operation.

The board member’s position is not remunerated; no board member receives any compensation for their work.

Board composition

President of the Board of Administrators of Canal de Isabel II

Paloma Martín Martín

First Vice-President
CEO of Canal de Isabel II, S.A.

Mariano González Sáez

Second Vice-President
Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid

Marta Rivera de la Cruz

Board Member
Managing Director of Canal de Isabel II

Pablo José Rodríguez Sardinero

Secretary of the Board of Administrators of Canal de Isabel II

Elena Lara Arenas

Notwithstanding the roles of higher governance and representation held by the board, it is the Fundación’s Managing Direction that is responsible for its operation, management and administration and is responsible for the aforementioned to the governing entity.


With the Managing Direction and Sub-Direction, the Fundación is mainly structured into the departments of Innovation and the Environment and of Art and Culture, and the Technical Secretariat General which provides legal, economic, and administrative support to the entire organisation.

Management Team

Managing Director
Eva Tormo Mairena
Subdirector and Director of Art and Culture
Cristian Ruíz Orfila
Director of Innovation and the Environment
Elena Bilbao Alexiades
Director of the Technical Secretariat General
Mar Osorio Coloma
Organisational structure

The Fundación’s working staff consists of 21 people: 14 with a permanent contract and 7 with a temporary contract; 13 are women and 8 are men.

None of the employees are obliged to have authorisation for compatibility between public or private activities.

Work contracts Distribution by type of contract. January 2021

See job offers
At this time, we have no job offers available.


Each year, along with the legally required action plan, the board approves the year’s budget.

Audited accounts

This section includes the Fundación’s annual accounts with their audit reports.

Audit reports issued by the Chamber of Accounts of the Community of Madrid that mention the Fundación may be viewed here.

Since 2001, the Fundación’s headquarters have been located at the former lift station of the Canal de Isabel II at Calle Mateo Inurria 2, in Madrid (Spain). This is home to its office, auditorium and an exhibition hall. Moreover, it has the Castellana 214 Hall, also home to exhibition activity.

The Canal de Isabel II foundation grant is 2,263,187€.

The Fundación’s economic resources mainly come from Canal de Isabel II, S.A.’s annual contribution, the exhibitions in the Castellana 214 Hall (since November 2019), use of its facilities for external events, the organisation of certain activities and the sale of publications.

Assignation of budget fundsGross direct allocation to budget without tax and financial expenses. Data in activity reports.

Datos recogidos en la memoria de actividad Assignation of budget funds 2020
Data in activity reports Assignation of budget funds 2019
Data in activity reportsAssignation of budget funds 2018

The Fundación does not have any expenses in real estate leasing for its own use. It does not possess or use its own vehicles.


Board member positions are not remunerated; no board member receives any compensation for their work.

Staff expenses in 2019 were 940,504€, of which 727,648€ were for wages and salaries; this item accounts for 22.5% of the year’s total expense.

​The annual compensation allocated to all director staff is 288,005€ gross; the Managing Director’s position is the only upper management contract and the annual compensation is 81,656€ gross.

Fundación Canal is a private, public initiative entity, given its association with Canal de Isabel II. According to the Public Sector Contract Law, the Fundación is an “adjudicating power, but not a public administration” which must adapt its hiring to certain aspects of this regulation, even though the contracts it enters into are private in nature.

Access to contractor profile

The Fundación’s contractor profile is on the Community of Madrid’s hiring portal; this is where tenders underway, executed contracts (including minor contracts) and other updated information on hiring subject to the public sector hiring law are published.

Formalized contracts

Budgetary volume by type of contracts 2021 (1st semester)

Statistical data

Collaboration agreements

Fundación Canal enters into agreements with other entities to collaborate in carrying out initiatives to contribute to its general-interest efforts.


Fundación Canal receives a donation from Canal de Isabel II, S.A. that it uses to carry out its activity, and occasionally, it provides grants to other entities.


To date, Fundación Canal has not received or awarded grants.


Fundación Canal is a member or, and/or collaborates with, the following organisations:

• Fundación ARCO
• ICOM España
• AEF. Fundación Española de Fundaciones
• Fundación Lealtad
• SERES. Fundación Sociedad y Empresa Responsable
• Plena Inclusión Madrid

At the end of each year, the Board approves the Fundación’s action plan, which sets forth the objectives and activities it plans on conducting during the following fiscal year.

The annual activity reports provide details on all initiatives conducted by the Fundación throughout each year and the results obtained: their impact on society and relevant numbers regarding how they were managed.

Pursuant to Spanish Law 10/2019 of 10 April, on Transparency and Participation of the Community of Madrid, the Fundación provides access to its public information through the attached form.

Before requesting information, we would like to invite you to view all the information accessible through this transparency portal and other sections on the website.



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