Family Tours and workshops

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The exhibition is complemented by in-person family tours and workshop in a safe and comfortable environment.

The tour of the exhibition is voluntary and independent. Families will soon be able to download an explanatory guide that will help them to prepare the tour.

The in-person workshop provides different photography games in small format, with the aid of light boxes, mannikins, torches and other objects to experiment with the mobile phone camera. They will also enter in contact with corporal photography, playing with different framing and lighting, to create portraits of all members of the family, communicating different emotions.


Children aged 8 through 12

Dates and times

Saturday 13/02/21.11:00 h
Sunday 14/02/21.11:00 h
Saturday 20/02/21.11:00 h
Sunday 21/02/21.11:00 h

Sunday 21/02/21.11:00 h

Optional visit to the exhibition at 10:00h
Duration of visit 50 min
Duration of workshop 75 min

Booking required


5€ per person (see discounts for large families and the unemployed). Only payments with card are accepted upon arrival at the Fundación.


Limited places
Send an email with the following details to info@mirarte.net

  • Date of the workshop
  • Number of adults
  • Number of children
  • Number of adults
  • Name of minors
  • Age of children
  • Contact telephone number
Protection and hygiene measures

We take care of your safety so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.

Here are specific measures for tours-workshop