Fundación Canal and PHotoESPAÑA are pleased to present another round of Saturday Photoworkshops. They will be held four Saturdays in a row in the Fundación’s gardens, allowing children and teens to learn and delve into the art of photography.

Grouped by ages, participants will take overlying portrait photos that they will combine with backgrounds featuring water. This way, they will learn about the double exposure photographic technique, digitally combining subject and background in one single image. This visual manipulation establishes a direct relationship between the image of the portrayed subjects and water as a natural element, all while discovering and working on other fundamental aspects like composition, perspective, and framing.






Photographs and audio-visual recordings are taken during the Photoworkshops, intended to disseminate the activity, which means that participants’ images will be taken. Participants will be asked to provide authorisation to take images for this purpose, and to use the photographs taken during the Photoworkshops, for the same purpose, which must be sent in advance to [email protected] or provided on the day of the activity. Download the authorisation HERE.

Considering the very nature of the activity of the Photoworkshops, possible participants are hereby informed that the images taken during said workshop by any of said participants, may foreseeably include the image of some of the other participants. Under no circumstances shall Fundación Canal nor PHotoEspaña conduct any verification in this regard, nor shall they be held liable for how participants may use or disseminate these images. In any event, we advise that participants use the images responsibly and restrict dissemination of images where another person appears strictly to the home.

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Date and Times

Saturdays 27 May and 03, 10, and 17 June

From 11:30 to 13:30h or from 17:30 to 19:30h

Intended for

Children and youth from 6 to 13 years (participants will be grouped by age)


8 euros (discounts for large families and the unemployed)


Mateo Inurria, 2