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Fundación Canal and PHotoESPAÑA are holding Saturday Photoworkshops, on every Saturday in June in the Fundación’s gardens. This will help children and young people to become familiar with, and delve into the art of photography.

On this occasion, attendees will draw inspiration from Fernand Léger’s personal artistic language. A language he used to interpret reality through geometric figures and an original conception of colour detached from shape. Participants will conduct several group exercises based on geometric drawings on the ground, where they learn to play with guiding the viewer’s eye, architectural lines, geometric composition, a wide angle, close-ups, and the expressiveness of faces.

Age: 6 – 8 years.
The youngest ones will build compositional scenes as a group, making models together. Using geometric drawings on the ground, they will form simple geometric shapes. They will learn to tell apart the geometric figures that are visually created with the trajectory of the eye.

Age: 9 – 12 years.
This middle group will use the geometric composition technique based on distribution of the elements in the scene. They themselves, along with other elements, will appear on the stage. They will play with guiding the eye and architectural lines. They will learn to spark visual interest in their images.

Age: 13 – 15 years.
The older group will experiment with points of view, perspectives, and geometric composition, with the goal of expressing a certain emotion in their images. They will learn to tell apart the emotional differences in each geometric composition.



Finalized. Saturdays in June.




11:30 – 13:30h / 17:30 – 19:30h


8 euros (discounts for large families and the unemployed)

Fundación Canal – c/ Mateo Inurria, 2