For the exhibition GAME ON. La historia del videojuego. 1972-2020 (GAME ON. The history of video games. 1972-2020).

Video games are generally considered to be the cultural industry with the greatest future possibilities. Its business figures exceed both film and music combined. More and more, the consensus is that it is art. Is this justified? Can we compare video games to literature, music, painting or film itself, cultural expressions to which it is certainly closely linked?

With the exhibition “Game On,” Fundación Canal invites you to a talk that analyses the evolution of the concept of art, and where video games fit into it, in addition to their relationship with other arts and their recognition as art on their own merit.

This conference is part of the Game On activity programme, which seeks to create knowledge in relation to the exhibition. With the aim of delving into the topics it addresses, guests have the opportunity to visit the exhibition free of cost until 6 March.


Ana Santos

Director of the National Library

Daniel Canogar

A multi-disciplinary artist with awareness of the impact of technology on humans.

Jorge Morla

Journalist from El País/Babelia.

Borja Vaz

Moderator. Professor of video game production and marketing at the Universidad Europea, video game critic, researcher in game studies and writer.


Date and time
27/02/2020 19:00h.