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Del 05 OCT 22 al 08 ENE 23

Tours for the exhibition “Alice in Wonderland by Dalí, Ernst, Laurencin, & Tenniel.” Led by educators, attendees will discover the most salient aspects of the collection and the artists it represents. They also have the opportunity to learn about topics such as the relationship between science, art, and literature, as well as to discover key aspects of artistic movements like Surrealism, and the riddles and plays on words from Victorian society with which the novel was written. For Educación Primaria tours, the activity is complemented with a fun workshop. Students can creatively recreate, with their own hands, some of the most iconic characters and landscapes from Alice’s adventures.


For groups of students from:

Educación Infantil and Primaria
ESO and Bachillerato


During the exhibition period. Inquire for availability through the ticket telephone line.


+34 91 323 28 72 from 10:00 through 14:00 h


3€/participant (teachers at no cost).
Minimum payment 20 participants per group.

Tour hours

For Infantil and Primaria groups, from Monday through Friday at 10:00 h. Tour + workshop, 120 min duration.
For Secundaria and Bachillerato groups, Monday through Friday at 12:00 h. Dynamic 90 min. tour.

Use of guide system

Provided upon validation of ticket