Inquisitive Minds

Mentes Inquietas (Inquisitive Minds) is Fundación Canal's knowledge forum, mainly geared toward inquisitive youth who seek to provide real solutions to everyday professional issues. These meetings take place outdoors, providing the possibility of in-person attendance, free of cost, at our live sessions.


Fecha y hora: 22/09/2021 18:30

Did you know that 90% of online incidents could be prevented? What are the things I should never do online? What steps do I need to take to properly secure my devices? What should I do if my phone is stolen? Where should I keep my personal and professional passwords?



Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality: Even Realer

Fecha y hora: 23/09/2020 10:00

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are definitely two key technologies of our century. They both offer endless possibilities and solutions in very different scopes of our society, both in professional and in personal terms. But do we know what sets them apart? How far they can go?...

#Remotework: Opportunities Yet To Be Discovered

Fecha y hora: 14/07/2020 20:30

All crises give birth to opportunities, even COVID-19. New technologies are great allies for companies and freelancers in a situation like ours today. Reinventing oneself and seeking out new opportunities in digitisation seems to be one of the most obvious ways forward. Remote work is a remarkable example of...