All crises give birth to opportunities, even COVID-19. New technologies are great allies for companies and freelancers in a situation like ours today. Reinventing oneself and seeking out new opportunities in digitisation seems to be one of the most obvious ways forward. Remote work is a remarkable example of these technologies. Once a practise of the few, it has become a necessity at Spanish companies and seems to have come to stay.

In this latest edition of Mentes Inquietas (Inquisitive Minds), we will discuss the opportunities yet to be discovered in remote work for organisations, employees, and freelancers, how we can remotely work in the most efficient way possible, and what the most cutting-edge tools and options are that this work system has to offer.


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No brochures or other paper materials are provided.


Fede de Juan

Screenwriter and actor with television experience (TVE, Intereconomía, Telemadrid), radio experience (Punto Radio, Kiss FM and Onda Cero), and multiple corporate events. See his Instagram here.

Maria Teresa Verdú

Great experience in information technologies applied to the business world, with 18 years of experience at Repsol.

Jose Luis Crespo

Alias Quantum Fracture, he is the Spanish science communicator with the most followers on YouTube (2.2 million). José Luis Crespo’s educational activity and videos have received multiple acknowledgements, such as the Scientific Education Award 2014 from CPAN (National Centre for Particle, Astroparticle and Nuclear Physics) and the Scientific Education Internet Award 2018. You can visit his channel here.



Date and time
14/07/2020 20:30