Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are definitely two key technologies of our century. They both offer endless possibilities and solutions in very different scopes of our society, both in professional and in personal terms. But do we know what sets them apart? How far they can go? In the future, will there be a difference between the real and the virtual world? In this edition of Mentes Inquietas, we will delve into both technologies. With specific examples, we will see how important they are in the world of medicine, education, the environment, leisure, tourism, and other industries.

Introducing AGUA VA, Fundación Canal’s new augmented-reality app

Moreover, after the event, Fundación Canal will introduce Agua va, the first augmented-reality app that interacts with Madrid’s drains. With two fun characters, the app awards users who discover 10 good habits related to taking care of water.



Pedro Moneo

Founder and president of Opinno and Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

Soraya del Portillo

Founder of BeChiara, a public-speaking training company.



Date and time
23/09/2020 10:00
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