Did you know that 90% of online incidents could be prevented? What are the things I should never do online? What steps do I need to take to properly secure my devices? What should I do if my phone is stolen? Where should I keep my personal and professional passwords?


Cybersecurity has become a must-have in an increasingly digital world. From public organisations to small companies, and even everyone in your private sphere, we all need to protect our data and keep safe from threats that have become household names, like ransomware and phishing.

In this edition of Inquisitive Minds, Fundación Canal’s forum for knowledge, our stage is bringing IT security experts together. They will help us to improve both our personal and our professional protection. They will also clear up questions on how to handle cybersecurity on our devices on a day-to-day basis.

The profile of a cybersecurity specialist is one of the professions in highest demand, according to the Tech Cities report (2021) and the Study on Professional Profiles and Related Skills (2020) by the UNIA Observatory of Professional Profiles. You can learn more about this job at

Inquisitive Minds is a Fundación Canal forum for knowledge that is focused on innovative, current topics. It has been in operation since 2016 and has covered topics such as new professions, creativity, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, artificial intelligence, infoxication, remote work, negotiation techniques, and augmented reality.



Mónica Valle
Journalist and host specialised in cybersecurity. Director of Bit Life Media.

Silvia Barrera
Police detective, expert on cybercrime and how to investigate it. Educator and writer.

Enrique Serrano
CEO of hackrocks. Entrepreneur, cybersecurity consultant. International conference speaker, TEDxTalk, and passionate about basketball.


Date and time
22/09/2021 18:30
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