Magnum: The Body Observed

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Photo session for Mafia funeral. Queens, New York, USA, Bruce Gilden (n. 1946), 2005 © Bruce Gilden/Magnum Photos


Fundación Canal presents: “Magnum: The body observed,” an exhibition gathering 136 images where 14 of the most remarkable photographers of the Magnum Photos agency point their lens at the human body as a form of expression, both for the photographers and for the photographed subjects themselves. Through these photographs, the authors reflect on a wide variety of topics, such as intimacy, identity, sexuality and how different social and cultural structures determine how we represent and understand the human body.

The body has acted as a fundamental theme all throughout the history of art. The emergence of photography in the mid-19th century opened up new possibilities in representation of the human figure, increasing the range of themes, compositions and types. In this regard, this collection explores how Magnum Photos’ photographers approached the vision of the body from 1930 until today. These images seek to go beyond acting as mere documents, exhibiting characteristic aspects of the lives and personalities of the subjects portrayed, by means of an in-depth interaction with their physicality.

The exhibition includes images by :

Eve Arnold (Philadelphia, USA, 1912 – London, United Kingdom, 2012).
Olivia Arthur (London, United Kingdom, 1980).
Werner Bischof (Zurich, Switzerland, 1916 – Trujillo, Peru, 1954).
Antoine D’Agata (Marseille, France, 1961).
Bieke Depoorter (Cortrique, Belgium, 1986).
Cristina Gª Rodero (Puertollano, Ciudad Real, Spain, 1949).
Bruce Gilden (New York, USA, 1946).
Philippe Hallsman (Riga, Latvia, 1906 – New York, USA, 1979).
Tim Hetherington (Birkenhead, United Kingdom, 1970 – Misrata, Libya, 2011).
Herbert List (Hamburg, Germany, 1903 – Munich, Germany, 1975).
Susan Meiselas (Baltimore, USA, 1948).
Miguel Rio Branco (Las Palmas de Gran de Canaria, Spain, 1946).
Alessandra Sanguinetti (New York, USA, 1958).
Alec Soth (Minneapolis, USA, 1969).

Curators: Monserrat Pis Marcos (Sainsbury Centre) and Emily Graham (Magnum Photos)
This exhibition was organised in collaboration with the Sainsbury Centre and Magnum Photos.



Virtual 3D tour

Dive into a virtual experience and don’t miss out on a single detail from the exhibition Magnum. The Body Observed. Move about the room, get close to each image, and read the explanatory texts to enjoy the exhibition from the location of your choice.


Guided tour with the curator
Virtual modality

Learn more about the exhibition with curator and art historian Monserrat Pis Marcos. Discover how the photographers from the prestigious agency Magnum Photos approached the vision of the body from the 1930s until today.


Family Workshop
Virtual modality

From the comfort of home, learn how artists from the Magnum agency narrated a story by representing the human body. An activity to learn, as a family, basic notions of photography with simple exercises based on works from the exhibition.




Free guided tours on Mondays

• Non-holiday Mondays: At 3:30 PM, at 4:00 PM and at 4:30 PM.

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Duration: 40 minutes

Tours designed and guided by Didark
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Fundación Canal offers tours through the Fundación’s team of guides, trained by experts in Art History, to give guests an exhaustive, up-close view of the exhibition.

During exhibition hours:
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Duration: 1 hour

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In Spanish and for the blind: From Monday through Friday: 61€. Weekends and bank holidays: 73€.
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Tours designed and guided by Didark
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The exhibition is complemented by in-person family tours and workshop in a safe and comfortable environment.

The tour of the exhibition is voluntary and independent. Families will soon be able to download an explanatory guide that will help them to prepare the tour.

The in-person workshop provides different photography games in small format, with the aid of light boxes, mannikins, torches and other objects to experiment with the mobile phone camera. They will also enter in contact with corporal photography, playing with different framing and lighting, to create portraits of all members of the family, communicating different emotions.


Children aged 8 through 12

Dates and times

Saturday 13/02/21.11:00 h
Sunday 14/02/21.11:00 h
Saturday 20/02/21.11:00 h
Sunday 21/02/21.11:00 h

Sunday 21/02/21.11:00 h

Optional visit to the exhibition at 10:00h
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26/11/2020 - 04/04/2021

Weekdays and bank holidays: from 11:00 to 14:30 and from 15:30 to 20:00.
Wednesday: from 11:00 to 14:30.



You may purchase the exhibition catalogue here

Protection and hygiene measures

We take care of your safety so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself. Learn about specific measures for tours-workshops here.



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