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If you’re nostalgic for retro and you like photography, you will want to participate in the contest that Fundación Canal and PHotoESPAÑA are organising. Under the title #Mirandoalos90 (#Lookingatthe90s), it seeks to pay homage to this decade.

Do you want inspiration? For example: multi-function watches, phone booths, arcades, grunge look…

The photographs submitted to the contest must be a new creation and evoke the aesthetic and visual lines of the 90s, or echo them from a current, contemporary perspective, recreating the fashions, clothing, trends, or customs.

Follow these steps to participate:

• Post the photographs on Instagram on a public profile (maximum 5 photographs per participant)
• Follow and tag Fundación Canal (@fundacioncanal) and PHotoESPAÑA’s (@photoespana_) official accounts
• Use the hashtag #Mirandoalos90 (#LookingAtThe90s)
• Register through the contest form on the website:


See the conditions of the contest, and sign up!


Participation Period
Del 06/06/2022 al 05/07/2022

First prize: 1,000€
Two runners-up: 500€ each


Conditions for Participation