A live online workshop for participants to learn about artist Fernand Léger’s unique, recognisable drawing style, which highlights geometric shapes and free use of colour. At the workshop, they will work on concepts such as simplification of shapes, the use of colour, and rhythm in composition through entertaining exercises.

Workshops taught by instructors from Mirarte, specialised in Art History education for children and young people.


Recommended material for the workshop:

• Pencil, rubber, and pencil sharpener
• 1 sheet of white construction paper, DinA3
• 1 permanent black marker (for example, sized 1.5 mm)
• Watercolours (may be substituted with other types, such as crayons).
• Glue and little pieces of coloured tissue paper




Designed for

Children aged 6 to 12.

Date and times

27 June 2021.
17:30 to 18:45h.


5€ per login. Discounts for large families and the unemployed


Online. Access via Zoom