When he was only 12 years old, Edward Elgar (1857-1934) composed some tunes to accompany a theatre show he was going to stage with the other children in his family. He wrote the tunes down in a sketchbook and, forty years later, recovered the sketches to create his two orchestral suites.

This show, starring a juggler (Edward), a string quartet, and an actress (radio host), tells the story of a grown-up Edward, with the boredom and worries of a grown-up who relives his childhood through the drawings, toys, childhood treasures, and compositions he finds amongst his old belongings. Games, dreams, and emotions that will bring him back to the shine and spark of that period in his life with a veritable magic wand: music.


Musical Programme

“The Wand of Youth. Suite 1, Op. 1a” by Edward Elgar (20’)

3.Minuet (Old Style)
4.Sun Dance
5.Fairy Pipers
6.Slumber Scene
7.Fairies and Giants


“The Wand of Youth. Suite 2, Op. 1b” by Edward Elgar (18’)

2.The Little Bells
3.Moths and Butterflies
4.Fountain Dance
5.The Tame Bear
6.The Wild Bears


Concert Performers:

Violins, Isabel Vicente and Cristina Pascual
Viola, Isabel Juárez
Violoncello, Irene Celestino
Circus artist, El Gran Rufus
Script and narration, Ana Hernández-Sanchiz


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3€ donation for the Fundación Soñar Despierto

For families with children 6 and up
Date and time
Date and time: 04/12/2021 18:00h.
Duration: 50 min.
Protection and hygiene measures

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