For World Environment Day, Fundación Canal is celebrating its Day for Innovation. An online event, organised in collaboration with Canal de Isabel II, to associate environmental technology with Spanish professionals involved in innovative projects to provide solutions for environmental protection.
Innovation and environmental technology associated with water, energy, and nature.

A professional event to discover how a Spaniard became part of the leading international climate change research body (IPCC). How technologies associated with water are innovating in healthcare research. Or why heavy investment in environmental technology is necessary.

#DíaparalaInnovación #DayforInnovation



Adela Úcar

Jose Manuel Moreno
Ecology Researcher and Professor. UNIVERSITY OF CASTILLA LA MANCHA

Antonio Lastra
Innovation coordinator. Canal de Isabel II.

Fernando de la Calle
Head of the Department of Microbiology, R+D of the Oncology Business Unit. PHARMAMAR.

Beatriz Castillo
Director General of Sustainability and Climate Change at the Ministry for the Environment, Regional Planning, and Sustainability of the Community of Madrid.

Sergio Atarés
Strategic Planning Director. FERTINAGRO BIOTECH.

Fernando Ortuño
Global Director EHSQ. SOLTEC.

Eduard Castañeda
Chief Product Officer and Wallbox co-founder




Thursday, 3 June, from 10:00h to 13:00h.


Streaming online