A touching tale of learning, beautiful songs, and fun games for the entire family are the stars in “Pequeñas flores (Tiny Flowers)”.

A musical tale that pays tribute to childhood through the travails of a girl who finds flowers, poetry, and songs along her way. She immersers us in Latin American culture through works by renowned composers like Cubans Ernesto and Ernestina Lecuona and the Argentinean Carlos Guastavino.




The performance pieces have been extracted from the musical works:

“Pequeña, pequeñita,” by Jaime León.
“5 canciones de Juana de Ibarbouru,” by Ernesto Lecuona.
“Mayo,” by Matilde Salvador.
“Flores Argentinas,” by Carlos Guastavino.
“Cuando duermes,” by Ernestina Lecuona.



Paola Leguizamo, mezzosoprano
Karla Martínez, piano
Ana Hernández-Sanchiz, text and narration

Date and time

Date and time: 13/05/2023 18:30h.
Duration: 55 min. approx.

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Recommended for families with children 7 and up