If you have a roof, you have a treasure. This is the foundation for the basic principle of using solar energy in the home: single-family dwellings and homeowner associations equipped with solar panels and energy accumulators for self-supply and feeding surplus back into the network.

At a time like now, when the price and supply of fossil fuels are under tension, and we have proven their role in climate change, leaning into renewable energies is the only way we can possibly decarbonise our society. Because is there anything smarter than charging our electric car with the energy that our own solar panels produce?

Duration: 90 minutes
The conferences are dynamic in format and include an opening conference, an interview, and a round of questions with the audience.


Jorge Morales de Labra

With an Industrial Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he has over 20 years of experience on different projects in the Spanish electricity sector.

He has developed and directed companies in all different branches of the electric sector. An expert in electric regulation, he has belonged to different advisory bodies in the electric sector, such as the Electricity Advisory Board of the National Energy Commission.

He is currently director general of Próxima Energía (GeoAtlanter, SL).

Sergio Martín Herrera

He holds a degree in Audio-Visual Communication (2001) from the University of Salamanca. From 2016 through 2018, he was director and host of Los desayunos on TVE. He was assistant director of news on TVE, director of Canal 24 horas, director of the news website, and director of the social media team for TVE’s news. He currently heads Zoom Net, TVE’s technology and digital culture programme.


Date and time
27/04/2022 18:30h.
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