The Secrets of the Sea and Their Relationship with Climate Change


Manu San Félix is a marine biologist, diver, photographer, and explorer with National Geographic. He has been researching and diving in oceans all around the planet for over 30 years. At this conference, he introduces us to the wonders of the world under the sea and shows us how important conservation is, how climate change is already affecting it, and what we can do to keep it healthy.

Duration: 90 minutes

The conferences are dynamic in format and include a conference, an interview, and a round of questions with the audience.


Manu San Félix

With a degree in Biological Science, he has spent almost 35 years studying and observing the sea as a marine biologist, researcher, and underwater photographer.

Acting as marine biologist, his report for the UNESCO on the Posidonia oceanica stands out. This collaboration was a contributing factor to declaring the Ses Salines Park as World Heritage in 1999.

He is also a diver and photographer. These professions have led him to do over 10,000 dives around the globe. His early work was as underwater camera operator for media outlets like TVE, Euskal Televisa, TVG, and Nothern Deutschland. In 1988, he began working as underwater photographer for renowned magazines around the world, which has led to numerous awards: Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Winner (London, 2004), World Underwater Festival (Antibes 2005), Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Runner up (London 2006).

In 2009, he began professionally working as director of underwater documentaries and camera operator for National Geographic (Washington DC) on the PRISTINE SEAS project. Since then, he has carried out 23 expeditions, producing documentaries for National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild. Since January 2012, he has been working as photographer for National Geographic Image Bank (Washington).

Sergio Martín Herrera

He holds a degree in Audio-Visual Communication (2001) from the University of Salamanca. From 2016 through 2018, he was director and host of Los desayunos on TVE. He was assistant director of news on TVE, director of Canal 24 horas, director of the news website, and director of the social media team for TVE’s news. He currently heads Zoom Net, TVE’s technology and digital culture programme.


Date and time
20/04/2023 18:30h.