During his conference and the chat afterward with cultural journalist Ana Romero, philosopher José Antonio Marina will reflect on the censorship trend that is on the rise as a result of so-called “cancel culture,” not just in the news and social media, but also in artistic circles and in society as a whole.
This form of censorship is very popular on many different stages, excluding not only modern-day characters and historical figures, but also movements, figures, and icons from our cultural heritage, in contrast with the freedom enjoyed by artists in the 80s, as shown in Fundación Canal’s current exhibition: “Madrid: crónica creativa de los 80 (Madrid: A Creative Chronicle of the 80s).”

In light of the conference, the exhibition “Madrid: crónica creativa de los 80” will remain open until 21:00h that day.

Duration: 90 minutes
The conferences are dynamic in format and include an opening conference, an interview, and a round of questions with the audience.


José Antonio Marina

José Antonio Marina (Toledo, 1939) is a philosopher, educator, writer, and researcher. His work has focused on studying intelligence and creativity particularly, which can be seen in his innovative Teoría de la inteligencia (Theory of Intelligence), which includes results from cognitive sciences, starting with neurology and ending with ethics.

His many publications include noteworthy titles such as Ética para náufragos (Ethics of Castaways) (1996), El vuelo de la inteligencia (Intelligence Takes Flight) (2000), Crónicas de la ultramodernidad (Chronicles of Ultramodernity) (2000), Pequeño tratado de los grandes vicios (Small Treatise on Great Vices) (2011), and Biografía de la inhumanidad (Biography of Inhumanity) (2021).

Marina has also collaborated with different media outlets like El Mundo and is a regular speaker at conferences and courses for all kinds of institutions. He has received awards, such as the Premio Nacional de Ensayo (National Essay Award) and the Premio Giner de los Ríos de Innovación Educativa (Giner de los Ríos Award for Educational Innovation).

Ana Romero

With a degree in Information Science and a master’s degree from El País, she has been working in the culture department for TVE’S La 1 news show for 20 years. With her professional background and involvement, she is a leading journalist in the cultural field.



Date and time
29/06/2023 18:30h.

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