Throughout history, human beings have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to the Earth’s different climate conditions. Ever since the Homo genus appeared, from ancient civilisations to modern society, we have developed ingenious strategies to tackle climate challenges. This adaptability was fundamental for our survival as a species and continues to be a distinctive characteristic of our ability to handle ever-changing environmental challenges. 

José María Bermúdez de Castro is a renowned Spanish paleoanthropologist. He is known for his contributions to studying human evolution, and his participation in important archaeological sites, such as Atapuerca. He is the main speaker at this conference, precisely so  he can tell us about humankind’s adaptation to a changing climate, since the appearance of the Homo genus and the extinction of the Neanderthals to the current interglacial period, the warmest period between two glaciers, which is also influenced by climate change. 


José María Bermúdez de Castro

José María Bermúdez de Castro is a renowned paleoanthropologist. His professional career is a testament to his devotion to the study of human fossils and their archaeological context. As co-director of excavation of sites in the Atapuerca mountain range, he played a fundamental role in discovering and analysing some of the most significant findings related to human evolution in Europe. His work has contributed not only to increasing our knowledge of human past on the Iberian peninsula, but also to shed light on the evolutionary processes that gave shape to our species. 

Bermúdez de Castro is known for his commitment to education and scientific dissemination. He has cultivated this commitment throughout his entire career as researcher and university educator, as author of educational books, and through countless conferences both inside and outside Spain. He is also a full member of the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE). 


Bermúdez de Castro is recognized for his commitment to education and scientific dissemination, which he has cultivated throughout his career as a researcher and university lecturer, as the author of popularization books and through his countless conferences in Spain and abroad. He is also a full member of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

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