With the latest edition of Fundación Canal’s Conference Series, scientist and writer Carlos Briones shows us that the relationship between art and science has been a constant throughout the history of humanity. Artists from all times have depicted their fears, myths, or beliefs through their works, along with their progress toward philosophy and science.

The exhibition “Alice in Wonderland by Dalí, Ernst, Laurencin & Tenniel” is a clear example of the bond between art and science. Both Lewis Carroll, a mathematician by profession, and a vast number of geniuses throughout history, including the surrealists in the collection, were fascinated by the connection between these two disciplines. At this conference, Carlos Briones shares the key elements with us.

Duration: 90 minutes
The conferences are dynamic in format and include an opening conference, an interview, and a round of questions with the audience.



Carlos Briones

Carlos Briones holds a doctorate in Chemical Science, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He is Scientific Researcher at the CSIC (Higher Board of Scientific Research) at the Astrobiology Centre (CSIC-INTA, associated with NASA Astrobiology Program). He has published over 100 articles in international magazines and is co-inventor of 12 patents in the biotechnology field.

He is author of several books, including “Orígenes. El universo, la vida, los humanos (Origins. The universe, life, humans)” (co-author, Ed. Crítica, Barcelona, 2015; Prisma Award 2016 for best scientific education book) and “¿Estamos solos? En busca de otras vidas en el Cosmos (Are We Alone? In search of other life in the cosmos)” (sole author, Ed. Crítica, 2020).

Ana Romero

With a degree in Information Science and a master’s degree from El País, she has been working in the culture department for TVE’S La 1 news show for 20 years. With her professional background and involvement, she is a leading journalist in the cultural field.


Date and time
23/11/2022 18:30h.