Global floods and extreme rainfall events have increased by over 50% this decade, and they are now occurring at a rate four times higher than in 1980 (2020 United Nations report ‘Water and Climate Change‘). The main causes of floods: intense precipitation, rising groundwater levels, or rising sea levels and waves in coastal areas. Furthermore,…

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Water, At the Heart of Adaptation to Climate Change

(Estimated reading time: 3,05 minutes) – Audio version of article available. The changes brought about by climate change will affect the availability, quality, and quantity of water for human needs and will complicate sustainable management of water resources. Rising sea levels and melting glaciers are two of the consequences of global warming that possibly best…

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Reusing Water

(Estimated reading time: 2,48 minutes) – Audio version of article available. Proper management of water-cycle services is inextricably linked to reuse. This is mandatory to sustainably administer our available reserves. It is also mandatory to tackle challenges such as drought and water stress, which are forecasted to increase in upcoming years as a result of…

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How to Fight Water Stress

(Estimated reading time: 4,27 minutes) – Audio version of article available. Water is vital. In other words, there is no life without water. It guarantees the survival of all living beings. In 2010, the United Nations (UN) recognised access to water and sanitation as a right. Specifically, it decreed that “all human beings are entitled…

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Electric Mobility

(Estimated reading time: 4,40 minutes) – Audio version of article available. Sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and rolling out renewable energies are three vertices on a triangle that is fundamental in the fight against climate change. Like traffic signals, it is warning us about the danger of not taking action in time. Electrifying all economic sectors…

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Renewables and Energy Dependency

(Estimated reading time: 3,38 minutes) –  Audio version of article available. Increased installed capacity for renewable technologies in Spain is essential if we wish to achieve independence from foreign energy sources. This situation is structural and affects us both in terms of international raw fossil material markets and their impact on prices, and in terms…

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Recovering Ecosystems

We must preserve and strengthen our natural legacy, which is also our greatest life insurance. We can do this by protecting natural spaces to guarantee preservation of biodiversity, or “ecosystem restoration techniques,” that help us to recover our most degraded areas. We are capable of, and responsible for returning the environment’s main regulation tools to…

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There are many measures geared toward decreasing the causes behind climate change, but did you know that it is also vital that we learn to “adapt” to it? Its effects are already here, and with a few easy actions, not only will we reduce pressure on the planet, but we will also improve our quality…

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Smart Solutions to Fight Climate Change

(Estimated reading time: 5 minutes) – Audio version of article available. The “green economy’s” ability to regenerate is so clear to all now that, in recent months, talk in Europe of a “Green Deal” and recovery has become a bit of a mantra. The green and digital transition is now one of the great springboards…

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Edificios y población resiliente

Resilient Buildings and Population

(Estimated reading time: 5 minutes) – Audio version of article available. The strategies to adapt to climate change are just as important as the measures to fight it. There is a huge worldwide effort being made to keep the planet’s average temperature increase at less than 1.5ºC above preindustrial numbers. However, and at the same…

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