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Webinar For World Environment Day

For World Environment Day, Fundación Canal presented the study “Extreme water events and climate change: best modelling practises” in webinar format. This study, by Fundación Canal, was prepared by a team of researchers from the School of Road, Canal and Port Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and with the...

Women Artists At Fundación Canal

For International Museum Day 2020 Madrid, 18 May 2020.- The Fundación Canal is joining celebrations of International Museum Day by paying tribute to women artists whose works have been featured in its exhibition by selecting these artists, of very different origins and styles, in line with this year’s motto: “Museums for...
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Measures To Prevent Coronavirus Infection

Mateo Inurria Hall, 2
02/05/2020 - 16/08/2020

Presenting The Exhibition “Rodin. Dibujos Y Recortes (Rodin. Drawings And Cut-Outs)”

Mateo Inurria Hall, 2
02/05/2020 - 16/08/2020
Notes that turn into sketches, sketches that become cut-outs, cut-outs that lead to sculptures… This experimentation not only acted as the artist’s mental creation process, but was also a playful activity, sometimes with no specific end purpose. The exhibition focuses on Rodin’s facet as an illustrator. For the first time in...