World Water Day!

World Water Day is a big day all over the world. There are a lot of places where it’s celebrated with activities and games. Whether you’re in America, Africa or Europe, there are several places where you can join in the celebration.

Cancun schools join the reforestation

Last March, as part of the Reforesting Solidarity programme, several schools in Cancun, Mexico participated in a reforestation day that helped plant more than 35,000 plants and relocate more than 360 trees.

Tipperary Station School goes for swimming

Canal Educa brings you a school located in a small Australian community that has developed a project to promote sport. In particular, pupils at this school have been able to learn to swim or perfect their technique.
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El Colegio Caude, ¡implicado con el agua!

El Colegio Caude de Majadahonda es uno de los centros que este año ha participado en el programa Ecoauditoría del agua de Canal Educa.
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El fin de curso en Canal Educa

Estamos en la recta final del curso escolar y las vacaciones de verano se encuentran a la vuelta de la esquina.