The WET Project, water and education

Are there any programmes similar to Canal Educa in other parts of the planet? We really had trouble finding one! A few years ago, the UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and the Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) Foundation joined their efforts to provide education about water. Since then, the two organizations have developed a joint programme to facilitate the development and implementation of educational programmes on water, targeting teachers and non-formal educators in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Project WET Foundation is a non-profit educational programme with scientific content specializing in water. Like Canal Educa, it has more than 20 years’ experience. The foundation works with sponsors, educators, specialists in water resources, entrepreneurs, politicians and the general public to develop specific water education projects around the world.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to empower children and young people by educating them to help achieve an integrated and sustainable management of water in society. The information is transmitted by schoolteachers. So far, teachers from Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Jamaica and Israel have participated in this ambitious programme.

What about you? Do you know any educational programmes that deal so intensively with water and the environment?